Before I could walk, I was in a kayak. By the time I could drive, I had paddled and explored rivers close to my Southern Oregon home. My youth was spent on the river, and my tendency toward adventure evolved into a quest for challenge and experiential education. As I've grown, so has my passion for kayaking, exploration, and photography, and I have followed this to complete and document expeditions around the globe.

From unprecedented river descents through the Karakorum in Pakistan to first descents in Central Africa, Venezuela, and India, I have documented some of the wildest river-borne adventures in the world. As my outlook on adventure evolves, I seek new challenges. My photographic philosophy is simple: be inspired by what I see, and share it.

During late 2010, I joined Hendri Coetzee and Ben Stookesberry on an expedition in Central Africa, the Great Lakes Kayaking Expedition. Camera in hand, I witnessed some of the most amazing scenes of hope and misery imaginable. It changed my perspective on what is possible on an expedition, with a camera, and with a cause. I hope that the work I brought back from the trip will form a template for future projects incorporating social and environmental ideals. This work will be displayed for Mountainfilm in Telluride 2011.

I live between Southern Oregon and Reno/Tahoe area when not traveling and spend as much time as possible paddling the High Sierra summer snowmelt in California.

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